Salafism in the Saarland

You may be asking yourself:

What is Salafism about?

Why do young people find Salafism attractive?

Why is Salafism problematic?

What can I do against Salafist radicalisation tendencies?

Whom can I contact?

Project tasks

We offer you:

  • Provision of information on the topic of Salafism in the Saarland
  • A point of contact for people who require information and assistance
  • Thematic networking with schools, youth welfare, administration, associations etc.
  • Development and implementation of concrete preventative measures in education and youth work

About us

As a specialist and networking agency our aim is to make the debates on the phenomena “Salafism” more objective. As a point of contact we offer clarification on the background and social context of the movement in Germany and provide information at events.

It is also our aim to protect, in particular, young people from entering this scene, through preventative work.